Printing Services

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In spite of the digitization of work, a fact of life for almost any company is the need for paperwork to keep things running smoothly.  Hence, whether it’s order forms, receipt blanks, brochures, advertising, or letterheads, East Tennessee Graphics provides printing services that will be able to help. Since the demand by each customer of printing services and its products will be different as it has its unique needs, East Tennessee Graphics will work with each one on an individual basis to design and produce materials that meets its specific requirements and budget. 

Another area where East Tennessee Graphics can make a huge difference is in graphic design.  It includes the layouts for flyers and other ads, the creation of logos, or brand development. It is even possible for us to go “outside the box” and provide everything from custom printed drink-ware to T-shirts, staff name tags, and promotional items such as magnets, lanyards, and postcards.

East Tennessee Graphics primarily engages in printing text and images on to paper, metal, glass, and some apparel and other materials. Chance are if it doesn’t grow we can print on it!

Stages of Printing

Printing can be divided into three distinct stages: 

  • Pre-press
    • Prepare editorial and ad materials
    • Build page layout
    • Make film and plates (or plates only)
  • Press or Output
    • “Make-ready” the press
    • “Color-ready” or “come up to color”
    • Get ready or permission to print
    • Print
  • Post-press or Finishing
    • Fold, bind, and trim printed sheets into their final form
    • Bind accordingly (e.g. perfect stitched and perfect bound)
    • Prepare finished pieces for retail sale
    • Pack for final distribution via postal entry and/or single-copy sales